How you can easily use the HiKam S6 as a baby monitor

The HiKam S6 is so popular with many users because it is characterized by versatility and pleasant operation. For example, it can be used not only as a security camera, but also wonderfully as a baby monitor – and even outperforms the functionality of many other baby monitors. If you don’t feel like an elaborate installation and complicated operation, you should take a closer look at the HiKam S6, because it is really easy to use.

Check on your loved ones anytime

With the HiKam S6 you can always check what is happening in front of the camera via your smartphone. All you have to do is connect your IP camera to the WiFi and the HiKam app. So you can take a look at your own four walls via your smartphone when you are out and about and see whether everything is okay or whether your child is doing well.

This is how the alarm works

The HiKam S6 has a motion detector that sends you an alarm on your smartphone as soon as motion is registered in front of your camera. So if your child wakes up and moves in the cot, you will be notified immediately. This also applies to noises: if your child starts screaming or calling you, you will immediately receive an alarm message on your mobile phone.

Talk to your child using 2-way audio

Since your IP camera has both a microphone and a speaker, you can talk to your loved ones directly using the camera. For example, you can wake up your child or persuade them well if they wake up from a bad dream.

Use multiple baby monitors at the same time

You can also connect multiple cameras via the HiKam app. All you have to do is connect the new camera to your WiFi and add it via the HiKam app. You can use the HiKam app to select the camera you want and switch between different views. So you can always check that everything is in order in several rooms.

How to save beautiful memories as video clips

Your HiKam S6 saves video clips as soon as something happens in front of your camera. These so-called event clips can be called up and viewed at any time via your HiKam app. You can even share them with friends or family on social media like Facebook or Youtube.

More data security in the cloud

The security of your data comes first. That’s why you can store your video recordings and clips conveniently and securely in the cloud. From there, your recordings can also be easily viewed and shared at any time. 

In addition, all video data is transmitted securely in encrypted form – similar to online banking.

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