Here comes:

WLAN + Battery = 100% True Wireless

New model - HiKam R8
Outdoor, with solar panel, AI Human Detection

Wireless: Move it , Mount it, Start Monitoring
With Solar: Environment Friendly and Worry-Free


100% Wireless, 15000mAh battery

WLAN + battery = 100% wireless, no network cable, no power cable.
Suitable for carport, front door, garden, entrance area.

Built-in 15,000mAh battery, 50% more capacity than other products on the EU market, No.1 in EU.
More Battery Capacity = Much Longer working&standby time


With Solar Panel

Without solar panel, you need to keep an eye on the battery level and recharge in time. 
Solar panel allows continuous operation almost without manual charging. 120 to 180 days battery life with a full charge (at 10 motion detections per day, depending on sunlight)

Technical specifications of the solar panel
Max. Power: 3W
Voltage: 5V
Current max (Imp): 0.57A
Operating temperature: -20℃ – +50℃
Cable length: 3m
Dimensions: 13*18*2cm

Video and Night Vision

Excellent image quality, Enhanced night vision.

1080P HD video, with enhanced night vision, wide angle 130°.
Access the live video locally and from anywhere with your smartphone.

Two-way audio

Listen and talk easily and comfortably

Built-in speaker and microphone provides loud and clear intercom. Hear what’s going on around the camera, greet welcome guests and scare uninvited ones by speaking into your phone.

Protection and Safety

Weatherproof, safe and tested battery.

IP66 Protection, designed and tested for poor weather and climate conditions. Based on 5 years experience with HiKam outdoor cameras in EU.
Operates continuously at -10° to 50°C, withstands hot summers, heavy rain, snow and freezing temperatures.

Built-in safe 18650 battery, tested and passed for heat and frost tests.

Alarm Detection

Advanced Alarm Detection: PIR + AI Human Detection

Dual-tech detection (PIR + AI person detection) provides reliable alarm, filtering up to 99% false alarms caused by movements of trees, shadows, etc. If you have pets, the camera can ignore them and notify you only when relevant human events occur.

Video Storage

Local storage on micro SD card

The camera has a built-in card slot. Micro SD cards up to 128GB are supported. In case of alarm, the camera records to the local installed memory card.

You can play back these recordings with your smartphone anytime and from anywhere. When the SD card is almost full, the oldest recordings are automatically overwritten.

At launch, we provides a 32GB micro SD card as free gift as new product lanuch gift.

Video AI

Human Detection 2.0, with local on-board AI processor

HiKam R8 is the first surveillance camera on the EU market with Human Detection 2.0 technology. 100% faster, more accurate than Human Detection 1.0. 

A new proprietary AI processor allows the R8 to perform person detection locally. So no internet connection is needed anymore, the camera detects people even if intruders have cut off the internet connection.


The HiKam R8 works with the HiKam Pro app.
You can manage your current 2nd and 3rd generation HiKam cameras together with the battery camera in one app.
(Note: The battery camera does not support access via the HiKam PC software for power saving reasons).

Snapshots of R8 camera use scenarios

HiKam R8 WLAN battery camera with solar panel

Regular price: 119 €
New Product Launch Promotion price: 99€

Additional launch gift: free 32GB High Endurance micro SD card
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Delivery from Germany to EU countries.
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30-day Full Return/Refund gurantee, no question asked.
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