The Best Answer for Outdoor Security in 2021  
New Model - HiKam A7 Pro (3. Gen.)
World's First Radar + AI Camera for home Security

A7Pro Outdoor Security Camera Main

Five Years Anniversary Model for HiKam Outdoor
  • 2016:  A7 1. Gen, First one to introduce MIC and 433Mhz Sensor Hub in outdoor camera
  • 2018:  A7 2. Gen, First one to introduce Human Detection for the mass market
  • 2021:  A7 Pro (3.Gen), set the new benchmark for the outdoor security

Here are the new Features and Improvements in A7 Pro, from all learned with HiKam users in the past 5 year

Alarm Detection
World’s First: Radar + AI Detection

Video based Motion Detections always faces many challenges in outdoor, such as rainy day, snowy day, shadow moving(only shadow), spider web waving in front of camera lens(very often in summer) or people/vehicle come and go very busily.

But Security requires reliability. That is why we introduce Radar + AI detection.

This Dual Tech Detection technology provides a reliable result: Radar senses any suspicious movements, Video AI to double check again with object recognition. Radar never miss any suspicious movements.

Two-way Audio
Outperformance Speaker

A7 Pro support Two-Way Audio. Beyond that, this time we build the outperformance speaker into the camera with:
 – High power, large size speaker, volume is 2times than normal camera
 – A Standardalone container for the speaker, which improves the speaker volume, as well as prohibit risk of water getting camera body via speaker

Benefit by great volume, the camera could provide as a built-in SIREN, up to 99 db.

Night Vision
Color Night Vision by Starlight CMOS + LENS

New Starlight CMOS + new LENS for A7 Pro, enables Color Night Vision when there is very little light, for better details capture of human face, cloth, vehicle.

When there is no light, night mode turns into black white mode, Starlight CMOS + LENS provides much sharper details than A7 2.Gen.

Night Vision
New Gen IR LED

New Gen IR LED pierces dark night better, helping better image quality in dark.
There are also other advantages for New Gen IR LED:
– Extend extra 100% working life compared to previous gen IR LED (the small IR LEDs)
– Better power efficiency
Video Codec
Update to H.265, 1080P, 110° View

We are now incorporating the latest technology in the A7 Pro 3rd gen. Video now with H.265 and thus 30% less load on mobile data/SD cards, better picture quality and better network performance.


External Sensors
Bi-direction 433 feature, match with HiKam Outdoor Siren Box

433 Sensor Hub now is able to command external sensor/gadagets, the 433 Sensor Hub on A7 Pro is bi-direction. (433 on A7 2.Gen only supports receiving siganl from sensor, one direction).
The HiKam Outdoor Siren Box supports working with HiKam A7 Pro. In case of some conditions met by alarms triggered, the A7 Pro could command the Siren Box to sound alarm (110db) and flash in red.
A7 Pro continues to support current Door/Window Switch Sensor, and Outdoor PIR sensor.
Video AI
Human Detection 2.0, with on-board AI processor

HiKam WLAN camera A7 Pro is the first outdoor security camera with Human Detection 2.0, 100% faster, more accurate than HiKam Person Detection 1.0, which has been proven for 3 years in Germany and Europe.

A new on-board AI processor built in A7 Pro to process Human Detection locally. Even if there is no internet for the camera, or internet has been cut off by intruders, the Human Detection continues to work without issue.

A7 Pro works with HiKam Pro app and HiKam PC Client.
Existing Features from A7 2.0/S6/Q8 such as AirLink/AP Mode, Recording, Recording Download, ONVIF, Alexa etc, all can be found in A7 Pro.

Regular Price: 129 €
Pre-order Promotion: 109€

Pre-Order Gifts: Free Shipping(within Germany)+ Free 32G High Endurance microSD card + Free six month of SecurityPro 7 + 20€ Coupon for Outdoor Siren BOX 
Ship before 10 Feb 2021, from German warehouse.
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HiKam Outdoor Siren Box

• Waterproof, with Solar Panel, Siren(110db), Flash Red when alarm; Built-in PIR as outdoor PIR sensor
• Compatible with HiKam A7 Pro

Price: 59€
Buy with A7 Pro: 39€

Pre-order can be Cancelled anytime before delivery.
After delivery, 30-day Full Refund/Return, no reason needed.
Free Return Shipping Lable provided by HiKam.