HiKam Update October 2020

Dear HiKam users,

First of all, we hope that you and your loved ones have come through the last months in good health and will continue to do so.

We would like to thank you sincerely for your support for us and your loyalty in these difficult times, we appreciate it very much.

We at HiKam are of course continuing to work on the camera software. Our goal is to further improve the features and make the cameras even more valuable and useful for you. In addition, we are also working on new models with new features, as many of our users have requested.

Here is a small update on the status in October 2020. 

For S6, Q8 and A7 Secure new firmware versions are available and can be installed via the app.

HiKam S6: 1.3.26

HiKam Q8: 1.1.18

HiKam A7: 1.1.28

The most important new features are as follows:

  • Add Support for certain WLAN repeaters and mesh networks
  • Add Support for HiKam SecurityPro
  • (For S6/Q8) NEW: Camera microphone can be deactivated for live video and/or video recording; download longer videos under “Play” directly to smartphone; timestamp can be deactivated. These features were already available on the A7
  • Troubleshooting for LAN connection after long router failure (power failure etc.)
  • Enhancement of encryption when changing the camera password
  • Optimization of stability in continuous operation
  • Several minor bug fixes
Earlier in September, updates for the HiKam Pro app were released with the following improvements:
  • H.265 support: HiKam is ready for the next generation video technology.
  • Improved encryption when changing the login password. RSA encryption is the same as that used for online banking.
  • Furthermore, the Alexa server hardware has been updated to provide better video streaming.
*The HiKam Pro app is free, faster and more modern. You can log in with your HiKam App user account, so separate registration is not necessary. The HiKam Pro is available on Google Play/the AppStore.

Introduction of HiKam SecurityPro

Many of you have asked in the past if and when cloud storage will also be available for longer video recordings, so that if the worst comes to the worst, the most complete recordings can be secured in the cloud.

That’s why we will soon be introducing HiKam SecurityPro and want to offer our customers more than just Cloud Recording.

SecurityPro for Better Security and Protection

The SecurityPro Plan includes

Cloud Recording

Record and keep video history in the cloud for up to 7, 14 or 30 days. View and download video history even if the camera is disconnected from the power supply or stolen

AI Detection Pro


Dedicated resources for cameras with SecurityPro, for better and faster Human Detection.


Member Benefits

Exclusive coupons or gifts at least twice a year

In the near future we will add even more intelligent features to the SecurityPro Plan.
The SecurityPro Plan is available from 2.08€/month (VAT included) and can be purchased directly in the HiKam Pro app via the AppStore and Google Play.

FAQs about HiKam SecurityPro

A: SecurityPro can be purchased directly in the HiKam Pro app via the AppStore and Google Play.


No. All features now available are and will remain free. We will continue to provide free new features in the future, such as the quad view (live video from four cameras simultaneously). SecurityPro is not required for this, the function will be available shortly.

But some smart features require sophisticated and powerful cloud computing, such as additional detection types that work with AI, a quick run-through for all alarm events that allows you to get an overview of all recordings of the day in 1 to 3 minutes, and smart ways to enable/disable alarms.

These features improve security and are simply practical, but the higher computing capacities required are costly for these services. At the same time, SecurityPro helps us to continue to provide free personal detection and cloud storage we provide it now.

A: Yes, you can get a full refund within 14 days after activating the service (this is the longest period allowed by the AppStore and Google Play).

What comes next?

  • Quad view in HiKam Pro
  • New Release of the HiKam PC software
  • A new powerful model with many innovations in the field of detection, image quality and with external sensors…
  • If you have any requests or suggestions, just let us know, we are building the camera together with you #building camera together

HiKam A7 HD WiFi Outdoor Security Camera with Human Detection

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