Summer is coming, the family is flying out - good to know that everything that matters to you is safe.

This week flash sales: S6, Q8, A7 and A9 and our nesting box camera.

Discount offers also when you buy a single camera, no code required!

HiKam update at the end of the newsletter
deal valid until 31 May 2023

S6 back in stock, only small quantity

All items are in stock in Germany and will be shipped quickly to Austria/Italy/France.

NEW: S6 available
The classic, popular S6 model will soon be back in stock (low quantity).
Shipping time: 2-3 days. Free Shipping within Germany.

S6 Camera: 54,9€  42,9€ (22% off)

Q8 are ready for the this deal

All items are in stock in Germany and will be shipped quickly to Austria/Italy/France.

NEW: Q8 available

Q8 Camera: 59,9€  47,9€ (25% off)

360° panoramic image for seamless all-round surveillance
Full HD 1080p, 110° wide angle
Person detection, alarm areas, alarm e-mail

Special offer: HiKam A7 2.Gen Original Version
(without speakers)

  • IP66, Waterproof | 350° Pan, 90° Tilt
  • 2K Ultra HD, 130° wide angle | Day and Night vision
  • Talk and Listen | SD and Cloud Recording
  • Person Detection | Alarm Zones
  • 433MHz Smart Sensor System | Alarm Email

Regular price: 89,9€
Special price: 79€

Deal price: 49€ (38% discount)

Shipping: Small quantity in stock, fast shipping

Full metal body at a fair price, proven function of hardware and software
With FREE person detection and FREE cloud storage of short alarm clips

*Probably the last copies on the German market, incl. other suppliers, with free person detection. Top price-performance ratio!

Spring offers to other Security cameras and Mini Cameras

All items are in stock in Germany and will be shipped quickly to Austria/Italy/France.

A7 Pro - New Year Deal Price

HiKam New Gen Outdoor Wifi Surveillance Camera, Uses Radar + AI for Secure Surveillance, 2-way Audio, Siren, Synology and ONVIF/RTSP, 1080P H.265

129€  69,9€ (45% off)

MW1, 4K/2K mini camera, with magnetic back.

Updated with the new 2023 chipset.
4K/2K resolution, mini cube with magnetic back, night vision. A perfect solution for indoor security

69,9€ 37,9€ (55% off)

MW7, Mini Camera with Clock, WLAN

Exclusive low price on
Alarm clock camera, 1080P, wifi wireless, sound (in live video and recordings), SD card slot, 2.600mAh battery(up to 7 hours battery operation) (no night vision)

69,9€  29,9€ (58% off)

MW5, 4K/2K Mini Kamera with Night Vision, WLAN

4K snapshots, 2K live video, wide angle,WLAN wireless, good night vision, sound (in live video and recordings)
micro SD card slot, 800mAh battery, smart sensor system.

69,9€ 49,9€ (29% off)

Special introduction:
MW5 Nesting box Camera

NEW: MW5 Nesting Box Camera

We designed this nest box camera based on feedback from numerous users of the S6 in the nest box.
It is easier to install, provides a better image, and is much less noticeable to birds than the S6. Shipping time: 2-3 days. Free shipping

MW5 Nesting Box Camera: 79,9€  59,9€ (25% off)

Focus adjusted for close range (10cm to 30cm), additional further optimizations for use in nest boxes, hedgehog houses, watching 3D printers and displays.
2 years warranty

HiKam Update

– We are currently working on a new version of the “Playback” section in the app for iPhone/iPad to ensure a faster and smoother user experience and response. The update is coming soon.

– We were able to secure enough new and high quality chipsets for the production of the A9. So we can offer this model from now or supply interruptions. The new version is still the one with a smaller case.Live Streaming to YouTube using WIWA CAM camera + OBS

We wish you a wonderful start to the summer!

HiKam - Surveillance Cameras for a Safe Home.

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