Summer is just around the corner - take advantage of our special offers!

Benefit from direct discounts, even when buying a single camera, no code required!

Also valid for solar camera, doorbell, mini cameras - and a very special offer on the A7

deal valid until May 30
News and updates for May at the bottom of this email

Spring Deal: special prices and an extra discount code

Special offer: HiKam A7 original version (without speakers)
Regular Price:
Special price:
Deal Price: 49€ (38% off)

Important: only small quantity available.

Full metal case at a fair price, proven function of hardware and software. With free person detection and free cloud storage of short alarm clips.

Offer also for the updated version of the A7

Regular Price: 99
Deal Price: 59€  (26% off)

Special offer for Solar Camera HiKam R9, Outdoor Battery Surveillance Camera with Solar Panel

120 to 180 days of battery life on a full charge*.

Regular Price : 139
Deal Price: 110€(21% off)

Only recently back in stock. Order now and get fast delivery from Germany
*with 10 motion detections per day, depending on sunlight.

  • Outdoor Battery Surveillance Camera 15000mAh with Solar Panel
  • 355°/120° Pivoting
  • 1080P Wireless, PIR Person Detection
  • 2-way audio, micro SD card slot

Spring offers to other Security cameras and doorbell

All items are in stock in Germany and will be shipped quickly to Austria/Italy/France.

HiKam A7 Pro Überwachungskamera Aussen

A7 Pro

HiKam New Gen Outdoor Wifi Surveillance Camera, Uses Radar + AI for Secure Surveillance, 2-way Audio, Siren, Synology and ONVIF/RTSP, 1080P H.265

139€  74,9€ (42% off)

doorbell 1

D1 (WiFi Video Doorbell)

2K resolution, WDR, IP66 waterproof, wifi wireless, night vision, , 2-way audio, micro SD card slot, 10000 mAh battery, with bell.

89€ (36% off)

New models: Mini Cameras at exclusive prices on

What are the benefits of mini cameras in home, business/company?
●additional “lookout” watching from a safe place, the camera will not be noticed and so will not be taken by the thief;
●●with battery, affordable solution for camera with battery power.
●Flexible to use, suitable for DIY solutions;

All items are in stock in Germany and will be shipped quickly
IMPORTANT: You need the WIWACAM app (free and built like the HiKam Pro) for the mini cameras.

MW7, Mini Camera with Clock, WLAN

Exclusive low price on
Alarm clock camera, 1080P, wifi wireless, night vision, sound (in live video and recordings), SD card slot, 2.600mAh battery(up to 7 hours battery operation).

69,9€  44,9€ (36% off)

MW5, 4K/2K Mini Kamera with Night Vision, WLAN

4K snapshots, 2K live video, wide angle,WLAN wireless, good night vision, sound (in live video and recordings)
micro SD card slot, 800mAh battery, smart sensor system.

69,9€ 49,9€ (29% off)

Update from HiKam team

– A new app version will be released in early June.

– In about two weeks we will introduce a new nest box camera. It is also suitable to observe, for example, the displays of 3D printers or other machines from a short distance (focus adjusted for close range.

– The mini cameras now also allow recording to SD card and live video without WLAN (with limitations when smartphone is close to the camera).

We wish you balmy summer evenings, sunshine and, of course, above all, good health!

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