Subscription Details
1. 1. Once the purchase has been confirmed, your iTunes account will process the payment. Your Apple account renews the Service automatically for another month/3months/year..

2. Service Name, Price, Duration:
1 Month SecurityPro 7         Price:2,49$, Duration: 1 Month 
Months SecurityPro 7       Price:6,99$Duration: 3 Months 
12 Months SecurityPro 7     Price:24,99$Duration: 12 Months 
Month SecurityPro 30       Price:4,99$Duration: 1 Month 
Months SecurityPro 30     Price:11,99$Duration: 3 Months 
12 Months SecurityPro 30   Price:41,99$Duration: 12 Months 
Month SecurityPro 14       Price:3,99$Duration: 1 Month 
Months SecurityPro 14     Price:9,99$Duration: 3 Months 
12 Months SecurityPro 14   Price:32,99$Duration: 12 Months 

3. When Auto Renewal is activated in your App Store account, the service fee will be charged 24 hours before service the plan expiration, via the App Store account. Once charged successfully, the service plan will be extended one more period.

4. You can disable Auto Renewal anytime in your Apple ID account in your phone settings, most of time: go to settings of the phone —>iTunes & App Store –>click on your Apple ID on the top –> Click View Apple ID and sign in if prompted –> Subscriptions –> Find and tap the subscription you would like to cancel.

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